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Everything Timed so (Un)Perfectly

March 30th, 2008 @ 10:43 PM

These past couple weeks have given great meaning to the definition of “perfect timing”. Not the good definition either, but if you’ve been following up with my life, you should know that. By today I was supposed to have received the code I needed to finish the combat engine for our project, but of course it would happen that last night the person responsible for that would get food poisoning and become sick. So, I’ve been doing what I could for the day, but tomorrow may just be spent making a very nice interactive demo that you can’t really do all that much in. Hey, better than nothing, right?

Another absolutely awesomely timed happening is the fact that Device Central CS3 no longer wants to work on my computer. This translates into meaning that I can develop and test my code fine on my computer, but I can’t run it in an emulator for Flash Lite and debug anything as far as the phone goes. I can still compile the movies for the phone, but then it just turns into one big great flaming ball of doom when everything fails and I have no clue why. You see this, Flash? This is me mentally thinking very bad things about you and hoping that I never have to work in you again.

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