In Case You Didn’t Believe Me

April 22nd, 2014

See, another post just like you’ve grown accustomed to. All is still right with the world. Yesterday’s announcement didn’t bring about the end of anything (yet), so let’s just continue on with our normal routines, shall we? My, what lovely weather it is that we’re having!

Speaking of the weather, I just took a look at the forecast for the next week or so, and something crazy apparently is happening come next Tuesday. The forecast goes from being rainy and in the mid to high 50s instantly to sunny and highs of 70, 82, and 86. I get that this forecast is over a week away and subject to change, but even if it’s remotely relevant, some sort of heat wave craziness is about to hit Seattle.

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Let’s Discuss the Future

April 21st, 2014

Today marks seven straight years of posts, and the 10 year anniversary of this blog is arriving next month. Last May I mentioned that I wanted to do something special to commemorate 10 years of The Daily Goob, and if you haven’t noticed, up until now it’s been pretty lacking. In fact, I even called myself out at the start of the year on this fact. Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking as far back as last October what the right sort of change would be, and I think I have a pretty good idea.

Back when I started The Daily Goob, Facebook had only been founded three months prior, Twitter was still two years off into the future, and blogs were what everyone was doing. Now in this age of social media, it’s all about the short form updates and real-time posts from smartphones. If I’m going to keep my online identity up with the times, I think it’s important for me to do the things of the present and future rather than stay in the past.

Therefore, on May 15, 2014, the 10 year anniversary of The Daily Goob, I will be making my last post on this blog.

Considering that I use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to share updates throughout my day, I’m not really sure that this blog adds all that much to the conversation. Also, even though my nightly posting routine has helped me live up to the name for seven years now, having to write one every single night (or otherwise make a scheduled post) has ended up feeling more like something I have to do rather than I want to in recent times. It feels like the right decision is to give a proper ending rather than just let the streak die and my activity here slowly fade off into the night.

We still have three and a half weeks of blogging to go, however, so don’t think that this announcement means an immediate end to my ramblings. You’ll still get your stream of consciousness from my mind to my keyboard every day just as you have been for the past seven years. There might even be a comic or video thrown in for good measure. Whatever happens, you can be sure I won’t go out on a low note.

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You’ll Know More Tomorrow

April 20th, 2014

Just as I said back at the start of the year, I’m not going to give you any hints about what it is that’s going to be special about what I do with this blog this year, but I will tell you that tomorrow is when the big reveal will happen. For those of you at expert level of stalker, you may recognize tomorrow as my posting streak anniversary. It seemed like as good of a day as any to announce it. Of course, if my streak had been broken, then I guess things would have been really awkward as the day would have been meaningless except to remind me how much I managed to fail at posting here.

My experimenting with my Shield wasn’t quite as successful as I hoped, although at a base level it is working. For my intended use case I’m going to need an Ethernet adapter since wireless just isn’t going to cut it bandwidth wise, but since I’m also going to need to use a controller, I need to pick up a USB hub to use as well. I might actually have a spare one around somewhere, but that involves finding it somewhere in all of these moving boxes which will either be very easy if it’s in an appropriately labeled box or near impossible if it isn’t.

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Achievement Unlocked: Boxes Unpacked

April 19th, 2014

I said I was going to do it, and I did. All of my moving boxes are now either in a closet or have been fully unpacked. That doesn’t mean my apartment is clean (far from it), but now I can progress to just determining where stuff needs to go one region at a time. In addition to actually getting a few things hung up on my walls today, I’d say today was a pretty good day.

I held off on playing with my Shield until my unpacking was done, so I’m still in the process of getting everything set up. I don’t think I’ll spend any significant time actually playing games tonight, but if I can at least get proof that it’s working, that will be enough for me. It’s probably a good thing that I have an ultimate game tomorrow to force me outside since otherwise that might not happen. It almost didn’t happen today, but I really wanted ice cream earlier tonight so I had to spend a whole 20 seconds outside walking to the convenience store that my apartment is essentially on top of.

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Forcing An End

April 18th, 2014

With nothing (literally, nothing) planned for tomorrow, my stake in the ground for myself is that I’m going to have every box unpacked or in a permanent closet location by the time I go to sleep tomorrow. Every single item within those boxes may not be in its perfect or final place, but if I can just get rid of all boxes, then I think the rest should come pretty naturally. I say that now, so let’s return to this conversation in a week and see what reality is like.

My quest for a Shield after work today was successful, so I might let my reward to myself for finishing unpacking tomorrow be to play with it. You might think tonight would be extremely tempting, but a party I’m about to go to (in Seattle, totally validating my move!) seriously mitigates that desire. Regardless if the current price drop is about a new model coming out this summer, I still feel like this is the best choice for letting me play PC games on my TV, so it’s a purchase that I’m fairly content with assuming everything behaves as expected.

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Down To Single Digits Visible

April 17th, 2014

Despite having a complete lack of motivation to do pretty much anything earlier, I actually emptied a few more boxes and am continuing to make progress towards having a clean apartment. I also reassembled a desk that hasn’t seen any legitimate usage since I lived in Redmond, and I made a pile of stuff to throw away from one of the random item boxes that I emptied. Maybe not having motivation is the secret to getting progress made?

Part of me has been debating staying home tomorrow since I just have a single meeting to call into and specs to update. On the other hand, I need to scan some receipts and send them to Jamie, and my printer here has yet to be unboxed (with the additional question of if I’m ever even going to do that with this current printer). I’ll probably end up going into work as that will also give me the opportunity to potentially pick up a Shield at the Gamestop in Bellevue on my way home so that I can play with it over the weekend.

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Hope To End This Chapter Soon

April 16th, 2014

I didn’t make as much unpacking progress as I think any of us hoped I would have tonight, but I think I can truly begin to see the end of it at this point. Between hanging stuff up on walls, finding room for quite a few pillows, and just deciding what to do with all of the random stuff that’s still in boxes, I might actually be able to have people come over to visit by next week. Either that or I can finally get back to playing video games and watching TV without feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt whenever I want to do so.

Finding a Shield to purchase in person is proving harder than you might think it would be, and that’s essentially killing my plan to use some rebate gift cards on it. I have no shortage of things that I want to buy which I could use said gift cards on at a physical location, but their usefulness would be more limited. Actually, scratch that. I’m pretty sure the Shield is going to be pretty limited in its usefulness as well, but I’m committed to this idea and want to see it through.

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A Net Decrease in Workload

April 15th, 2014

You’d think that after getting a decent (albeit slightly short) sleep, I wouldn’t have been that likely to sleep on the plane trip back. However, when I wasn’t reading about four chapters of the third Game of Thrones book, that’s essentially all that I did. Hey, it means that I’m able to reset my sleep schedule tonight without much effort, so clearly it all worked out in the end. I’ll just claim it was all part of my plan.

I no longer have a Comcast service appointment for tomorrow morning because everything seems to be working just fine. I’ll still probably watch Survivor at work tomorrow mainly just because I can plus it means no avoiding social media for three hours. That way when I get home I can also go back into full unpacking mode (of which more progress was made today, but there are still far too many boxes around that need to be eliminated with prejudice).

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A Much More Restful Plan

April 14th, 2014

Boston, 12:25 AM (4/15): Rather than spend the entire night awake in the Westin, I decided that sleeping on the couch at the Airbnb location that Will booked to be a much better idea. I’ll still have to wake up early for my flight, but this way sleeping on it won’t be as critical. I might even finally ferry a chance to read Game of Thrones some.

I did spend part of my morning at the convention center helping with teardown. It just felt wrong to not do so given that I had nothing else to do. I also had nowhere else to go, but let’s consider that a secondary aspect. The important part is that I did help CFP, and that’s what truly matters.

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End of the Show

April 13th, 2014

Boston, 10:00 PM: Another PAX is now complete. Being able to sleep in tomorrow morning is going to be amazing, and I likely won’t even need to come back to the convention center. That means I’ll need to find other ways to entertain myself throughout the day until the after party. I think some people might be going to see Captain America which I wouldn’t mind seeing again, but I’ll make my call on what to do based partially on how much the weather dictates that inside activities will be a smart idea.

I think my postmortem with Jamie will generally be that this show was overall better than Prime. There are definitely a couple of tweaks to make going forward, but our system is evolving in a good way. With Prime being the first chance to correct the venue-specific issues, it will be interesting to see exactly how things are better year over year.

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